ZTE C300 Cards GTGO V02

ZTE GTGO C+ | GPON Card | 8x SFP, C+, dedicated for OLT ZTE C300, New

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Characteristic Value
Number of GPON Ports 8
Split Ratio 1:128
GPON Features – Support for ONU energy-saving management (G.987.3)
– 1024 x T-CONT per PON
– 4096 x GEM ports per PON
High-performance TM – H-QOS support
– 1024 queues and 256 schedules per PON port
– Support for photosensitive RED and WRED discard algorithms
Time/Clock Function – Acceptance of 1PPS+TOD signal and transmission to ONU via PON channel
Protective Functions – Temperature measurement and overheating alarm
– Automatic shutdown in case of overheating
Additional Parameters – Maximum distance between terminals: 20 km
– Maximum number of supported services on the card: 16,368
– Maximum number of MAC addresses supported on the card: 32,768
– Available capacity (per port): 1,238,784 kb/s
– Support for FEC Retriever/Dispatcher
– Detection of unwanted ONT devices
Number of Supported ONT 128
Number of Supported GEM Ports 16,384
Number of Service Ports per GEM 8,184
Power Reserve per GPON Port 32 dB (Class C+, for long-distance transmission)
Supported T-CONT Minimum Rate – Minimum latency: 1 Mb/s
– Maximum throughput: 128 kb/s
Jumbo Frames 9,216
QoS Level 4 Supported
Low Power Consumption – Low-power GPON chip
– 30% reduction in average power consumption in industrial use
Included Modules 8 x SFP
Dimensions 490 x 325 x 75 mm