ZTE ZXA10 C320 10G DC

ZTE ZXA10 C320 chassis with single or dual SMXA/3(SMXA+UCDC3) or SMXA/5(SMXA+UCDC5) 10GE Main Control Board with built-in DC power supply, New

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The ZTE ZXA10 C320 is a 19-inch chassis with 2 service slots, equipped with a 10GE Main Control Board and DC power, but alternative main control boards and power solutions are available.

About the Main Control Board:

– SMXA/1 (SMXA+UCDC/1, with 2-port GE SFP uplink)
– SMXA/3 (SMXA+UCDC/3, with 1 GE SFP and 1 10GE SFP+ uplink)
– SMXA/5 (SMXA+UCDC/5, with 1 GE SFP and 1 10GE SFP+ uplink)

About the Power Board:

DC power is integrated on the Main Control Board by default.
If AC power is required, one of the main control board slots will be occupied by an AC power unit: PRAM.

Supported PON Cards for ZTE OLT:

– XG-PON and GPON Combination
– XGS-PON and GPON Combination

Product Functionality of ZTE ZXA10 C320 OLT:

The ZXA10 C320 is a compact FTTx central office access platform, aimed at the evolution of next-generation PON technologies. Widely deployed in low-density population areas, outdoor settings, and space-constrained scenarios, it provides ultra-fast data transmission speeds, meets the demands for full service access and various scenarios, and ensures carrier-class QoS and security.

Multiple access methods and coexistence of different generations of PON technologies ensure network evolution sustainability.

It supports a full range of GPON solutions on 10G PON, a unique platform supporting the coexistence of different PON technologies. With a height of 2U, it supports up to 32 PON ports.

Significantly saves installation space compared to large OLT devices. The 2U height requires less equipment space and supports deployment in various scenarios. Adaptable to various network modes and scenarios to achieve flexible and adaptable implementation.

Unique platform: Enables the coexistence of GPON / EPON and 10G PON technologies and supports on-demand upgrades. Adaptable to various scenarios – Adapts to low density, business access, outdoor deployment, space-constrained, and FTTM scenarios. Flexible network: supports star, connected, and Ethernet ring network modes. Supports multiple outdoor cabinets to respond to multiple scenarios.

Supports AC, DC, and backup power. Supports a wide range of outdoor cabinets to meet user requirements. Meets the requirements of extreme environments. Innovative Combo PON solution significantly reduces weight and upgrade costs from GPON to 10G PON.

3-in-1 function (GPON + 10G PON + WDM1r) in one Combo PON port and two generations of PON technology built into one card facilitate smooth upgrade from GPON to 10G PON. Utilizes existing shelves, racks, ODFs, and other resources to dramatically reduce equipment space and preserve capital investment. Without additional insertion loss. No need to change existing ODN. Saves spare parts and maintenance costs, reducing operational costs. Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient platform.

Intelligent variable-speed fans. Supports ALS port detection. Fast service provisioning via “zero” data planning and “zero” manual configuration.

Automatic service configuration. Automatic ONU access. Export of ONU data in batches and plug-and-play implementation for ONUs. Convenient and efficient service provisioning.