Product Category

Our Services

Consultation and Design

We provide customized needs analysis for our clients, create IT network and computer design strategies focused on efficiency and scalability, and plan and design infrastructure for optimal performance.

Installation and Configuration

Our experts perform professional installation and configuration of IT network and computer equipment, with a special focus on network security and protection. Our goal is to ensure the proper functioning of all components of your network.

Support and Maintenance

Our technical support team is available 24/7, providing you with continuous assistance. Additionally, we regularly monitor the performance of your network, take preventive measures to avoid potential issues, and perform regular updates and optimization of IT network and computer equipment. Your network is in safe hands with us.

Sales of New and Refurbished Equipment

We offer a wide range of IT network and computer equipment, including new and refurbished devices. Whether you opt for new or refurbished equipment, both options meet high standards of quality and performance. Our devices are reliable, high-performance, and ready to meet your needs.

Equipment Rental

MS Group Technology provides professional rental services for IT network and computer equipment for companies requiring temporary use of high-quality solutions. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, we provide you with access to the highest quality IT network and computer equipment to ensure flawless performance and increase the efficiency of your network.

Extended Warranty

Our company offers clients the opportunity to extend the warranty with the M.Smart service, not only to new generation devices but also to end-of-life (EoL) equipment that Vendors have written off. We provide 24x7 or 8x5 technical support, and with the help of MS Group certified engineers, we quickly and efficiently respond to the most demanding needs of our clients. Faulty equipment covered by the M.Smart service is replaced within 24 hours of the client's report, depending on the service package.

Our Solutions

Network Infrastructure

Professional planning and implementation of network infrastructure from basic components to advanced solutions. Regardless of the complexity of the network, our expertise ensures reliability and efficiency. Optional maintenance is also part of our offer, providing uninterrupted operation of your network after installation.

Wireless Network

MS Group Technology offers comprehensive solutions for your organization. Starting from researching existing wireless environments to planning, procurement, implementation, and maintenance, we provide a complete service to ensure you have a reliable and efficient wireless network.

Network Security

Network security services should be designed to protect company networks and connected devices from unauthorized access, mishandling, and attacks. We can offer firewalls and other protective measures configured to meet the needs of each client.

IP Telephony

MS Group Technology provides you with a highly efficient IP telephone solution that allows seamless connectivity throughout the entire company via IP, whether it's in the same building or remote locations. Our advanced VOIP network provides high-quality sound and communication reliability, making your work environment even more productive.


Our support for providers includes complete Hybrid TV headend systems and FTTH technology. We provide solutions for CMTS, CPE devices, and OLT systems, whether you choose Huawei, ZTE, or OEM options. Your security and service quality are our priority.

Data Center

We offer a wide range of services for your data center, including consulting, design, automation, administration, optimization, and monitoring. Our expert team of engineers works with Windows and Linux technologies and high-level virtualization to provide the highest quality infrastructure for our clients. Your data center is in safe hands with us.

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