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Huawei MA5680T

Huawei MA5680T WITH 2X SCUN (4X1G), 2X X2CS (2X10G), 1X CITD, 2X PRTE, New

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uawei’s OLT device series MA5600T comprises models MA5608T, MA5680T, and MA5683T, representing a range of high/medium/low capacity devices. They share the same software platform and service boards.

  • High-capacity device: MA5680T
  • Medium-capacity device: MA5683T
  • Low-capacity device: MA5608T

The Huawei SmartAX MA5680T GPON OLT is a 19-inch device with a height of 10U, featuring 14 service slots. It supports EPON, GPON, X-GPON, X-EPON, and P2P services, providing internet access, voice, and video services to subscribers.

Supported main control boards and service boards:

Main control boards:

  • SCUN (most commonly used main control board, with 4 GE uplink ports)
  • SCUH (supports 4 GE/10GE uplink ports)
  • SCUK

Uplink boards:

  • X2CS (board with 2*10GE optical interfaces)
  • GICF (board with 2*GE optical interfaces)
  • GICG (board with 2-port GE electrical interface)

PON service boards:

  • Interface board with 8 GPON ports: GPBD, GPBH
  • Interface board with 16 GPON ports: GPFD
  • Interface board with 8 EPON ports: EPBD
  • Interface board with 16 EPON ports: EPFD
  • Interface board with 8 10G GPON ports: XGBD
  • Interface board with 8 10G EPON ports: XEBD

MA5680T is powered by PRTE DC power supply. It is recommended to use AC/DC power converter ETP48100-B1-A1, ETP4860-B1A12 for power supply conversion.

System Performance:

– Backplane Switching Capacity: 3.2 Tbit/s
– SCUB System L2 Packet Forwarding Rate: 72 Mpps
– SCUN System L2 Packet Forwarding Rate: 726 Mpps (Active/Standby mode), 1452 Mpps (Load-sharing mode)
– SCUF System L2 Packet Forwarding Rate: 190 Mpps
– SCUH System L2 Packet Forwarding Rate: 1428 Mpps (Active/Standby mode), 2856 Mpps (Load-sharing mode)
– Main Control Board Backplane Switching Capacity: SCUB: 48 Gbit/s, SCUN: 480 Gbit/s (Active/Standby mode), 960 Gbit/s (Load-sharing mode)
– SCUF Main Control Board Backplane Switching Capacity: 128 Gbit/s
– SCUH Main Control Board Backplane Switching Capacity: 960 Gbit/s (Active/Standby mode), 1920 Gbit/s (Load-sharing mode)
– Switching/Encryption Delay: Short switching delay: 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port sends Ethernet packets of 64 bytes with a delay shorter than 20 μs.

Supported Service Boards:

– Uplink Board: GICF (Board with 2*GE Uplink Interfaces), X2CS (Board with 2*10GE Uplink Interfaces)
– Service Boards: GPBD (8-port Gpon with SFP B+/C+/C++), GPBH (8-port Gpon with SFP B+/C+/C++), GPFD (16-port Gpon with SFP B+/C+/C++), XGBD (8-port 10G GPON with SFP+ N1/N2a), EPBD (8-port Epon with SFP PX20/PX20+/PX20++), EPFD (16-port Epon with SFP PX20/PX20+/PX20++), XEBD (8-port 10G EPON with SFP+ PRX30)

Board Slots:

– Main Control Board Slot: 7, 8
– Service Board Slots: 1-6, 9-16
– Uplink Interface Board Slots: 17, 18
– Universal Interface Board Slot: 0
– Power Supply Board Slots: 19, 20

Input Ports:

– GE/10GE Ports (Main Control Board): SCUN/SCUK: 8 x GE (in Load-sharing mode), SCUH: 8 x GE/10GE (in Load-sharing mode), SCUB/SCUF: 4 x GE (in Active/Standby mode)

Access Ports:

– GPON Ports: 224, GE/FE Ports: 672, VDSL2 Ports: 896, POTS Ports: 448, SHDSL Ports: 448, ISDN Ports: 448

System Parameters:

– Slot Bandwidth: N/A
– Bit Error Rate at Full Load: <10 e-7
– System Availability for Typical Configuration: >99.999%
– System Forwarding Capacity: N/A

Supported Cabinets:

– Indoor Cabinet: N66E-22, Outdoor Cabinet: N/A

Physical Parameters:

– Dimensions (W x D x H, without mounting brackets): 442 mm x 275.8 mm x 441.7 mm
– Maximum Weight in Full Configuration: 30.54 kg

Power Supply:

– Power Supply Mode: DC
– Nominal Voltage: -48 V / -60 V
– Operating Voltage Range: -38.4 V to -72 V
– Maximum Input Current: 40 A

Environmental Parameters:

– Ambient Temperature (for normal device operation): -40°C to +65°C
– Ambient Temperature (for normal device startup): -25°C to +65°C
– Ambient Humidity: 5%RH to 95%RH
– Atmospheric Pressure: 70 kPa to 106 kPa
– Altitude: ≤4000 m





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