Huawei MA5608T

Huawei MA5608T H801MABR service chassis with 2 slots, single or dual MCUD1 and MPWC DC and AC power supply boards, New

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Specification Value
Device Series OLT Huawei MA5600T includes models MA5608T, MA5680T, and MA5683T. These devices are classified as high-capacity, medium-capacity, and low-capacity, but they share the same software platform and service boards.
High-Capacity Device MA5680T
Medium-Capacity Device MA5683T
Low-Capacity Device MA5608T
Huawei SmartAX MA5608T Multi-Service Access Module can be used as a mini OLT with 2 service board slots. Supports EPON, GPON, X-GPON, X-EPON, and P2P services, enabling internet, voice, and video services for subscribers. Includes H801MABR service shelf with 2 slots, MCUD, and MPWD AC power boards.
Supported Main Control Boards and Service Boards Main Control Boards: MCUD (most commonly used main control board, with 2 GE and 2 10GE uplink ports) MCUD1 (supports 2 GE and 2 GE/10GE uplink ports) PON service boards: Interface board with 8 GPON ports: GPBD, GPBH Interface board with 16 GPON ports: GPFD Interface board with 8 EPON ports: EPBD Interface board with 16 EPON ports: EPFD Interface board with 8 XGPON ports: XGBD Interface board with 8 XEPON ports: XEBD
MA5608T Main Control Boards MA5608T has 2 slots for main control boards, where main control boards with GE and 10GE ports can be used. You can choose single GE or dual GE, as well as single 10GE or dual 10GE, but note that 1 GE and 1 10GE cannot be used together on the same device.
Power Supply MA5608T has only one power slot, where AC or DC power can be used.
Various interface boards for OLT, AC/DC power converters, and uplink boards are available on
Label MA5608T
Maintenance Port Number of 10 Mbit/s/100 Mbit/s maintenance ports: 1 Number of serial ports for local/remote maintenance: 1
Monitoring Port Number of environmental monitoring serial ports: 1
Max Number of ADSL2+ Ports 128
Max Number of VDSL2 Ports 128
Max Number of EFM SHDSL Ports 64 (Supported only EFM SHDSL ports)
Max Number of TDM SHDSL Ports 32
Max Number of POTS Ports 128
Max Number of ISDN BRA Ports 64
Max Number of ISDN PRA Ports 64
Max Number of GPON Ports 32
Max Number of 10G GPON Ports 16
Max Number of P2P FE Ports 96
Max Number of P2P GE Ports 96
Control Ports Outband Ethernet port (RJ-45) for management: MCUD/MCUD1 Local serial port (Console): MCUD/MCUD1
Input Ports GE optical port: MCUD1: 2-port board 10GE optical port: MCUD1: 2-port board E1 port: TOPA: 16-port board STM-1 optical port for upstream connection: TOPA: 2-port board
Service Ports GPON port: GPBD/GPBH: 8-port board 10G GPON port: XGBC: 4-port board P2P GE optical port: OPGD/OPGE: Single-optical dual-sided: 48-port board, Dual-optical dual-sided: 24-port board P2P FE optical port: OPGD/OPGE: Single-optical dual-sided: 48-port board, Dual-optical dual-sided: 24-port board Ethernet optical port: ETHB: 8-port board E1 port: H802EDTB: 16-port board ADSL2+: ADPD/ADPM/ADPE: 64-port board VDSL2: VDRD: 24-port board VDMF/VCMM: 48-port board VDPM/VDQM/VDPE/VDPD/VCPE: 64-port board EFM SHDSL: SHLM: 16-port board SHGM: 32-port board TDM SHDSL: H802EDTB: 16-port board POTS: ASPB: 64-port board ADSL2+ & POTS: CAME: 48-port board VDSL2 & POTS: CVME: 48-port board CCPE: 64-port board ISDN BRA: DSRD/DSRE: 32-port board
Power Parameters Power Supply Mode: DC or AC Working Voltage: DC power supply: -48 V / -60 V Operating Voltage Range: DC power supply: -38.4 V to -72 V Maximum Input Current: DC power supply: 10 A
Operating Conditions Ambient Temperature: -40°C to +65°C Relative Humidity: 5% RH to 95% RH Atmospheric Pressure: 61 kPa to 106 kPa Altitude: < 4000 m
Device Specifications Dimensions (W x D x H, without mounting brackets): 442mm×244.5mm×88.1mm Dimensions (W x D x H, with mounting brackets): 535mm×244.5mm×88.1mm, for ETSI rack (Note: Dimension according to ETSI standard assumes the addition of ETSI brackets to IEC brackets) 482.6mm×244.5mm×88.1mm, for IEC rack Weight (empty casing): 3.55 kg