ZTE ZXA10 C600/C650/C680 16-port 10G EPON OLT interface board with PR30 symmetric module, New

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EFTH 16-Port 10G EPON Subscriber Card

  • Port Configuration: 16-port 10G EPON
  • Function:
    • Management and Control Module: Configures, controls, and manages the card.
    • PONMAC Module: Implements all functions at the PON layer.
    • NP Module: Processes data at the service layer, including service throughput processing and QoS processing based on service types and user requirements to meet SLA demands.
    • Optical Module: Provides 10G-EPON optical interface in accordance with IEEE 802.3av standard.
    • Clock Module: Processes the system clock according to ITU-T G.8262, G.8264, and G.781 standards.
  • EPON SFP Module Specifications:
    • Type: PR30 Module – Single-fiber bidirectional optical module, PR30 symmetric class.
    • Operating Wavelength: Tx: 1577 nm, 1490 nm; Rx: 1270 nm, 1310 nm
    • Encapsulation Type: SFP
    • Port Speed: Tx: 10.3125 Gbit/s; Rx: 1.25 Gbit/s
    • Minimum Output Optical Power: 10G: 2 dBm; GE: 3 dBm
    • Maximum Output Optical Power: 10G: 5 dBm; GE: 7 dBm
    • Maximum Receiver Sensitivity: 10G: -28 dBm; GE: -29.78 dBm
    • Optical Connector Type: SC
    • Optical Fiber Type: Single-mode
    • Distance: 20.00 km
    • Optical Power Margin: 10G: -6 dBm; GE: -9 dBm
    • Extinction Ratio: 10G: 6 dB; GE: 9 dB
  • Device Specifications:
    • Weight: 1.74 kg
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 393.1 mm × 23.9 mm × 214 mm