Huawei MA5800 X15

Huawei MA5800-X15 chassis with dual MPLA/MPLB 10GE Main Control Board, 2xPILA DC Power Board, New

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MA5800 is the industry’s first intelligent aggregation OLT with distributed architecture. It is positioned as the next-generation OLT for NG-PON. The MA5800 series includes models MA5800-X2, MA5800-X7, MA5800-X15, MA5800-X17.

Supporting GPON, 10G GPON (including XG-PON and XGS-PON), P2PGE, and 10GE access, the MA5800 supports implementation in FTTH, FTTD, FTTB, FTTC, and distributed converged cable access platform (D-CCAP). This makes it applicable for access to homes, enterprises, mobile backhaul, and hotspot wireless backhaul to aggregate all services on one optical network.

MA5800 functions as a large aggregation device in the network for aggregating traffic from ONTs, MDUs, and campus switches, simplifying network architecture and reducing operational costs.

The Huawei MA5800-X15 chassis is equipped with two main control MPLA/MPLB boards and 2xPILA DC power supplies.

It has a height of 19 inches, 11U with 15 service slots, and a throughput of 200G per slot.

Supported main control boards and service boards:

– Main control board:
– H902MPLA main control board for MA5800-X2 (throughput: 100G)
– H901MPLB main control board for MA5800-X2 (throughput: 200G)

– Service boards:
– Upstream traffic board:
– H901NXED: Board with 8 upstream interfaces
– GPON Boards:
– H901GPHF: 16-port GPON OLT interface board
– H901GPUF: 16-port GPON OLT interface board
– H901GPSF: 16-port GPON OLT interface board
– XG-PON Boards:
– H901XGHD: 8-port XG-PON OLT interface board
– H901XGSF: 16-port XG-PON OLT interface board
– XGS-PON Boards:
– H901XSHF: 16-port XGS-PON OLT interface board
– H902XSHD: 8-port XGS-PON OLT interface board
– Combo Pon Boards:
– H901CGID: 8-port XG-PON & GPON Combo OLT interface board
– H901CGHF: 16-port XG-PON & GPON Combo OLT interface board
– H902CGHD: 8-port XG-PON & GPON Combo OLT interface board
– H901CSHF: 16-port XGS-PON & GPON Combo OLT interface board
– H902CSHD: 8-port XGS-PON & GPON Combo OLT interface board
– Flexible Pon Boards:
– H902FLHF: 16-port GPON & XG-PON & XGS-PON flexible OLT interface board

MA5800-X15 Configuration

– Switching system capacity: 7 Tbit/s
– Maximum throughput per slot:
– H901MPLB: 200 Gbit/s
– H901MPLA: 100 Gbit/s
– Maximum number of MAC addresses: 262143
– Maximum number of ARP/routing entries: 65536
– Maximum number of simultaneous users with 4K video content: 16000
– GPON ports: 240
– 10G GPON ports: 120
– GE/FE ports: 720
– 10GE ports: 120
– Supported cabinet type: N63E-22

Supported boards:

• Control board:
– H901MPLB: Provides 4 GE/10GE upstream ports and supports load sharing. Typically, the MA5800 connects to the upstream network via the control board.
– H901MPLA
– H901CKUA: Provides Stratum-3 clock/time signal functions in collaboration with MPLB and MPLA

• Upstream traffic board:
– H901NXED: Enhanced board with 8 upstream 10GE interfaces, supports 10GE/GE upstream traffic. NXED is used when the upstream ports currently available in the MA5800 are insufficient.

• Universal interface board:
– H901CIUA: Provides interfaces for synchronized time/signals, inputs/outputs for alarm parameters/Boolean values, RS485 serial ports, and transparent Ethernet ports for data transmission.

• Service boards:
– H901GPHF: Provides 16 GPON ports for access services
– H901GPSF: Provides 16 GPON ports for home access services
– H901XGHD: Provides 8 asymmetric 10G GPON ports for access services.
– H901TWED: Provides 8 symmetric 10G GPON ports for access services.
– H901EDSH: Board with 32 channels of E1 upstream signals, supports native TDM mode
– H901OGHK: Board with 48 aggregated GE/FE optical interfaces, supports up to 48 channels of GE/FE
– H901OXHD: Board with 8 aggregated 10GE optical interfaces, supports aggregation of GE/10GE Ethernet

• Power supply board:
– H901PILA: Provides -48V DC input power

• Fan monitoring board:
– H901FMLA: Powers and monitors fans; controls and monitors fans
– H901FMMA: Powers and monitors fans; controls and monitors fans


– (W x D x H) (mm)
– Height 11U and width 21 inches
– Without mounting brackets: 493x287x486
– With mounting brackets: 535x287x486
– Maximum weight (with mounting brackets): 35 kg
– Maximum input current: 60 A
– Power supply:
– Power supply mode: DC
– Operating voltage range: -38.4 V to -72 V
– Nominal voltage: -48 V / -60 V
– Operating temperature: -40°C to +65°C
– MA5800 can start at a minimum temperature of -25°C and operate at -40°C.
– Note: The temperature of 65°C refers to the highest measured temperature at the air inlet on the service subrack.
– Relative humidity: 5% RH to 95% RH
– Package dimensions: (W x D x H) (cm)
– 73×71×44